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Turkan Timeless Textile

Turkan is an all natural skin care company that focuses in luxury and  soft cotton, linen, bamboo towels and blankets.  Natural Cotton is softer and gentler than other materials. It holds its shape after washing and drying, and provides the best absorbency out of any other towel material.

Most of our products are made in Turkey, as Turkey has traditional hand knotted family businesses. Our Providers are small business and they have traditional know- how on such products. 

We offer bed blankets, throw blankets, bath towels, beach towels, bathrobes,  picnic towels, decorative towels, decorative blankets. We have a warehouse in Los Angeles, and we have spots on Artisan market places.

We also provide wholesale option for you. We deliver products to owners place in California, and send packages to all over US by USPS and Fedex.  If you are interested in wholesale, please send us an email at info@turkan.us. 

Turkish Towel is deriven from ancient times to today!

Turkish Towels (AKA: Peshtemals) have an history of 600 years that comes from Ottoman Empire’s hammam culture. Made of woven cloth that used to cover the body in hammam or bath, peshtemals have become a symbol for Turkish lands with their oriental patterns and variety of colors. Nowadays; peshtemals are used in baths, beaches, saunas, Turkish hammams as towels or bathrobes. Since it absorbs water as fast as a terry towel, dries very quickly, takes less space and easy to carry, peshtemals are much more preferred in beaches, pools, spas, saunas, massage saloons, recreational areas, yoga and pilates centers and kitchen according to towels. They are also used as decoration items on sofas at homes.

Los Angeles

We are located in Los Angeles, California. All orders shipped from our warehouse in Los Angeles.

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You can visit us at WestField Century City Mall

10250 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90067

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A Few Words About

Our Team

We have a team chain from Turkey to USA. We accept all our artisans in our team. 

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Worldwide Shipping

We offer ground shipping and easy return within the contiguous 48 states.

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Best Quality

We use Oeko Tex Certified Cotton, Dye, Only Organic Content!

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Best Offers

Contact us for wholesale quotation.

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Secure Payments

We use latest SSL/TLS that allows authentication, encryption, and decryption of all data sent over the internet.