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The main purpose of Turkan Home is to introduce mostly handmade items from Turkey. We realized how much natural hand made, and quality material is hard to come by through small talk. So we try to make sure the product is either natural fiber, hand loomed and or the highest quality around. The items we sell carries the traditions and wisdom of civilizations  that goes back several centuries. Most of them are made by individually owned or family owned workshops.

We hope you enjoy these products as much as we do.

Please scroll down for more  information about the products we carry:

Peshtemal Towel

Pestemal is a flat-woven cotton or linen cloth with hand-tied fringes. Among other uses, they were worn, by both men and women, wrapped around the body while at the public baths. For many centuries pestemals have been an essential item of the legendary Turkish Hamam (Turkish public bath) ritual as a body wrap and towel.

Compared to conventional terry towels pestemals are easy to use for every aspects ;

They are thinner and lighter, instead of one terry towel you could take three pestemals with you to the beach or for your other outdoor activities.

They are thin but still water absorbent to dry you after bath or swim.  

They dry faster than thick terry towels. After bath since they dry faster they don’t take on a musty smell, and they don’t need laundering very often as terry towels do. And when it comes time to wash them, they take much less space in the washer and much less time in the dryer. Actually you don’t have to put them into dryer, just air dry them. We can definitely say that pestemals are energy-efficient and eco-friendly (less energy and less detergent consumption).      

The best part about flat-woven pestemals though, is their versatility. Besides as a towel and body wrap, pestemals can be used as:

– scarves

– table cloths

– blankets

– throws

They are beautiful in many colors and styles. Take them to beach, yoga, spa, hiking, travelling, picnic.